Be Yourself • Be Happy.

Lovingly Crafted from the thoughts, ramblings & experiences of Jay Gordon-Rolfe.

Be YourSelf Be Real.

Over my career, I've learned that there is no better feeling that working somewhere where you feel secure enough to be yourself, to live your best life at work as well as at home! Regardless of your background, your past or your personal life, feel free to be you & be proud.

My goal with this blog is to spark your imagination, curiosity and inquisitive nature, asking questions and sharing thoughts that provoke the mind.

People often find the issues that talking about autism from a personal perspective brings, difficult. I believe open & frank conversation is key.

I write a number of blogs, each with a unique purpose and distinct function, this blog is all about me and my outlook, the others include my interest in cars, tech & travel.

I take photos of stuff!

Occasionally, I fancy myself as a photographer of cars, nature and other stuff - I hope you like my creations, feel free to use them if you like, just be sure to tell people where they came from.

I am Jay.

A proud, gay, autistic, 26 year old man, with a passion for life, a drive and determination to succeed at anything I put my mind too & sometimes I even surprise myself with what I can achieve.

My Blog.

Occasionally, I have an opinion on something, I'll be sure to share it with you here. These posts are about all kinds of things I see & experience. They're important to me for a number of reasons, who knows, you might even find them useful, feel free to share them!

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