A journey worth taking!

It’s interesting to think 1 year ago, I honestly thought I’d reached the pinnacle of my career, working in a call centre for a major UK bank, getting what I needed to done & generally being quite unambitious in my goals.

I ultimately decided to challenge myself and look to get the career I always wanted, something I could be the expert in, something where I could develop and change over time.

I’ve always been passionate about technology, for as long as I can remember (a really long time). I got the opertunity to trade my generic call centre customer care role in, for a life of excitement, travel, change & most importantly, Tech!

Now a year on from that, not only do I find myself significantly more comfortable with changes, traveling alone and driving up and down the country, I find myself exploring the next steps in my career too!

An exciting opertunity came up recently to apply for a new job, with a little company I’d not really heard much about before, I started to explore them and now, well… Now I’m ready to take a leap into the career I’ve always wanted!

Going through the interview process has been quite the learning curve with so many different ideas and constructs to think about, I think I managed to get my point across constructively & in a useful way. It’s amazing for me to think, one year ago, I’d never have imagined being given such an opertunity.

The job is not mine yet but I’m hopeful, the process so far has felt positive and despite my fears and concerns, I think I have a good chance of being recognised for my skills, qualities and unique perspective. For me, this opertunity represents being able to really take control of my career & make positive steps towards my happy & stable future.

Hopefully, if I get the job, I’ll be in a position to tell you all about it here, who knows, they might even let me write a whole blog just about what I’d be doing there!

More to come soon!


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