Hello! Firstly, welcome to my personal website. I realised when making it that this was possibly the ultimate in nerdy things to do, yet still I continued & here we are!

Being that you're here, you're probably wondering who I am well, My names Jay, I am 26, from the northeast, have autism & am very happily gay.

Making those 2 things bold was totally deliberate, they're important to me, they're part of my identity & things I am proud of. Being proud of things is something I believe is immensely important for good mental health, something which I have a keen interest in.

I am a trained MHFA England Mental Health First Aider - meaning I am skilled to provide advise, support, guidance and crisis management for people who experience poor mental health, from depression & anxiety all the way through to feelings of hopelessness and contemplation of suicide.

I am a Digital Champion & adore the endless possibilities our digital world offers us, I am an innovator & keen advocate of digital tech, I work in a bank as a website analyst so I'm pretty confident in what makes a great website too :).

I am always on the look out for a new challenge, experience or opertunity to learn & grow so if you think you've got something I'd be interested in, feel free to contact me using the form on the homepage!