Applying for a new Job. Getting Rejected.

Applying for a new job is a hard as hell thing to do for most people. There is so much at stake when you make your first steps, and hit apply. But what happens when, despite your best efforts, the best isn’t good enough?

Rejection hurts! It’s difficult to express quite how hard it is to process, you just have to take the feedback and go with it. It’s okay to have been rejected, perhaps it’s even a blessing in disguise.

It’s vital to take any feedback your given, take time to process the meaning of it & how you can improve for future interviews. Remember, as one door closes, another might just be opening.

As a person with anxiety and depression it makes for a complicated experience, as someone who’s autistic, processing those emotions make for a very difficult few days after that email comes through.

Being declined on the grounds of lack of experience is probably the most challenging pill to swallow, when you get an email like this, there isn’t much you could have done differently or improved. You just didn’t have as much experience as the person the employer has decided to hire. That’s rough, no matter how hungry you are, no matter your aptetude or how well you’ve done at interview, this hurdle is one that is pretty hard to jump.

When you get the email (in my experience, a no is almost always by email). Be sure to reply thanking the employer for the opportunity and if they’ve not given any feedback, don’t be afraid to ask for it. You might not always get it but if you do, it could be the difference in landing your next job!

Remember, it might take a few no’s before you get a yes but persevering is key! Reach for the stars and reach the moon! You might not believe in yourself right now but trust me, keep going and great things will come!

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