Reinventing the Menu For Harmony North Shields

For as long as I can remember, Chinese take away menus have been massive boards on the wall, with nothing much going for them from a creative stance.

Thanks to Harmony for letting me help them redefine the menu with the stylish and interactive, Cloud delivered menu system. With a completely cloud managed back end, we can edit this menu on the fly, schedule weekend offers, deploy competitions and extras at the drop of a hat and best of all?

It’s all backed up locally to a cloud box so if the connection drops, the screen can still run!

I’ve created 2 screens for them, the larger cycles 2 screens for their main menu & the smaller on their counter allows for promotions and loyalty programs to be publisised in store and changes depending on the day and the promotions for that day, on an automatic schedule.

I’ve even created them some beautiful Facebook, on brand imagery to keep the brand on point, no matter where you view it 👌

Tracey and I love this creation and fusion of modern tech in her business & her customers seem to be loving it too!